3 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

April 17, 2014 | bevel wise

Is it safe to say spring is finally here?

Despite some areas of the US that are still struggling with below average temperatures (we’re looking at you Texas), many of us are finally getting more sun than clouds these days. Unfortunately, with May already right around the corner, you may be feeling a bit behind on getting your aircraft ready for the busy flying season ahead…

Fortunately, we’ve accumulated a list of the Top 3 Spring Cleaning Tips to get you on the right track. Let’s get started…

  1. Full In and Out – At first, it may sound like a new hamburger at a popular California burger chain, but putting food aside, the absolute first thing you should this Spring is to accomplish a full interior and exterior deep cleaning. Items of major interest should include cabinets and closet areas on the interior, while landing gear and flap track areas should be given some attention on the exterior. Learn more about landing gear cleaning here!
  2. Get Protected Now – We’ve talked quite a bit about how important it is to protect your aircraft’s paint and exterior surfaces from the effects of the environment, and luckily Spring provides the best time to refresh (or apply for the first time) these protections before your flying schedule picks up. While you have a choice between using a wax or sealant, our first chose will always be the paint sealant. Why you might ask? Because when applied correctly by a trained professional, the sealant will not only restore your paint’s overall appearance, but when maintained properly it will protect your aircraft’s exterior for about a year’s worth of flying without the need to reapply like with waxes.  The best part though? Paint Sealant services always INCLUDE either a full surface buffing or clay bar prior to the sealant thus removing oxidation and surface tension. Need more proof?
  3. Clean Out Your Storage – One area often overlooked during Spring Cleaning is your aircraft’s storage areas. While you may choose to store all or some of your items in a locker or perhaps you have a full-fledged room in a hanger, sorting through and organizing your items provides an opportunity to get rid of expired and or older items that just don’t work for you. Also, if you keep a notepad to make a shopping list nearby, you can plan out one trip to the store thus ensuring all of your supplies are bought and ready for the next couple of months.

So there you have it, three simple tips to get you and your aircraft ready for the best flying weather of the year. So let’s make this Spring and Summer the best (and safest) flying year yet, and as always if we can ever be of any help with your Spring Cleaning tasks, feel free to get in touch with us anytime 24/7/365!