Tony Perkins serves Immaculate Flight as the Director of Hiring & Engagement. His enthusiasm and infectious positivity helps motivate our workforce in a way that only he can do.

Tony grew up in “The great state of Maine,” but he soon realized that there were fewer mosquitos in Florida so he took his radio career south. He enjoyed the sunshine state for a few years and decided to Jump into the restaurant business. Tony was the General Manager for the Olive Garden chain for several years, but he yearned to return to the aviation industry.

See, as a very young man, well before his radio career, Tony worked at the Bangor international airport. He was a baggage handler and marshaled planes in and out. That’s where his heart was. One day a friend of his was sitting on his couch turning down a job offer managing a new aircraft detailing location in Norfolk, Virginia. He could tell his friend was being asked if he knew anyone that might like the position. His friend said “NO, not off the top of my head.” Tony punched his arm pointing at himself frantically! “Oh, wait a minute” his friend said. And the rest is history. Tony has been with Immaculate Flight for over a decade and to this day, still bleeds Immaculate Flight Blue.

Tony has a modest home on a beautiful lake in Michigan. He enjoys spending time with his amazing wife Teresa and often refers to her as his best friend in the world. His wife, fishing, traveling to warm places, His children and grandchildren are what brings him the most joy.