SMO – Santa Monica, CA

Welcome to Santa Monica!

On behalf of the entire team here in Southern California, I would personally like to welcome you and your aircraft to the area.

As one of the first locations for Immaculate Flight, SoCal has grown to become the busiest single location in the country while supporting thousands of operators from around the world. Our growth is in part thanks to our massive footprint that constantly feeds the team here with a unique mix of aircraft that range from jumbo VIP airliners to single engine aircraft, many times all within a single day.

To ensure your experience here in SoCal is world class, we remain open 24/7 and on all jobs (no matter the size) we will work with you to provide a customized service plan that will not only meet your needs, but exceed them every time.

We look forward to working with you and your aircraft and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally should you have a question or desire a quote.


Thierry Lopez – California Regional Manager

Area Tips

  • Jobs at SMO are restricted to airport operating hours as established by the Airport Authority. These hours change regularly and as such, I encourage you to call me with any questions or concerns.
  • Due to the busy nature of the SoCal area, we encourage you to schedule your cleaning needs in advance as much as possible to ensure priority – in particular if you require heavy work. Feel free to book in confidence though as we will never charge you a cancellation fee as long as our team is not already en route or waiting for your aircraft to arrive.