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UAO – Aurora, OR

Welcome to Portland!

Since opening in 2015, I’m proud to say that the Portland area has grown to handle one of the most diverse client bases in the entire company, and while safety remains at the top of our concerns, everyone here is committed to not only clean your aircraft to the best of our abilities, but to also treat it as if it were our own.

Beyond safety and quality of work however, we continue to develop our relationships with our airport facility partners, which I’m proud to say has resulted in 24/7 access to nearly every airport in the area.

We look forward to maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of your aircraft, and encourage you to reach out anytime for a free quote or to discuss any of our service offerings, see you soon!


Annette AhSing – Portland Manager

Area Tips

  • The Portland area is a beautiful outdoor wonderland full of green fauna; however, that beauty comes thanks to plentiful amounts of rain that fall in the Spring and Winter months. As such, be mindful of weather conditions when planning your aircraft washes. It’s worth nothing that although we’re capable of cleaning your aircraft during a rainy day without a hangar, oftentimes streaking will result – in particular if we clean your aircraft in the overnight hours. We’ll always let you know if streaking is possible and if this is a concern, we would be happy to help you secure a hangar space.