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BeechJet Inlet Polishing

March 12, 2014 | bevel wise

In the past, we’ve featured several projects showing you some pretty awesome results to tough challenges that our customer’s have brought us. And while many of these challenges have included restoring the appearance of an entire aircraft; others have dealt with sanding and polishing metals that were seemingly destined for the scrap yard before we touched them…

Fortunately, this month is no different as our North Carolina team was presented with the task of bringing a brand new BeechJet engine inlet to a mirror-like finish before its installation onto a freshly overhauled engine.


As with all polishing, the prep-work was key to helping the team to ensure the end result would leave the inlet with an acceptable appearance (and more importantly) tolerance(s) throughout. Checking out the picture below, you can clearly see they had their work cut out for them as the inlet was actually new metal and had very little “shine” to it.

Beechjet Inlet Before Polishing

A before shot of the BeechJet’s inlet shows the new metal that almost gives the inlet a gray painted look. Definitely not where we want it. Click the picture for a better look.

To overcome these issues, the inlet was first sanded before polishing could be accomplished. Utilizing four different grades of sandpaper, the team began doing just that with the goal bringing the inlet’s appearance to a more uniform look. The below picture shows an in-progress look at what the sanding on the inlet’s metal looked like:

BeechJet Inlet During Polishing

Starting to look a little better as you can see the inlet’s oxidation is now nearly removed after sanding it for quite some time. Click the picture for a better look.

Once the sanding was complete, the final polishing and cleaning could then begin. Utilizing two grades of metal polish and various types of buffing pads, the final product took shape for which you can see the end result below. Have a look for yourself and see if you can’t spot Waldo hanging out and getting an up close and personal look!

BeechJet Inlet

That’s better! The finished inlet after only 5 hours of sanding and polishing! Waldo even joined in to get a closer look. Click the picture for a better look!

Surprisingly, the entire sanding and polishing from start to finish was accomplished in less than an afternoon, and since the ENTIRE process was accomplished right next to the aircraft, maintenance personnel were able to quickly hang and secure the inlet thus shorting the time needed to return the aircraft back to its owner.

A huge shout out to our entire North Carolina team for all of their hard work on this project – especially since while this inlet was being polished, the other team members were polishing the other sections of the aircraft’s brightwork!

Do you think you have a challenge you’d like for us to look at? Get in touch with us and we may even feature it on our website and our monthly newsletter!