Commitment to Safety Update

June 5, 2013 | bevel wise

Commitment to safety is our #1 priority every day, and thanks to this ongoing commitment, our teams around the US are working harder and safer than ever before. As with any aviation operation though, we too must constantly prepare ourselves for future technological and environmental obstacles that challenge our existing policies and procedures. Preparing for these challenges means everyone at Immaculate Flight is constantly on the lookout for opportunities for improvement.  It’s the never-ending pursuit of these opportunities that have kept our Director of Safety and Training Tony Perkins on the road since last year.

This road trip has lead Tony on an exhaustive review of the company’s existing policies and procedures that took nearly 6 months and culminated with him traveling over 25,000 miles to each and every one Immaculate Flight’s 11 states of service.  In the end, Tony provided a full workplace hazard analysis, as well as the necessary insight for the entire Immaculate Flight team to begin the process of rolling out a revised health and safety training program this year.

The program, backed by industry resources like the NBAA, OSHA, and many other means that every Immaculate Flight employee will be provided with enhanced training on aircraft safety and environmental factors as well as new tools and resources designed to improve communication and understanding. In all, the training is custom designed to go above and beyond just aircraft cleaning procedures and instead strikes a balance between personal safety topics (hearing conservation, PPE, etc.) and industry specific awareness topics (composite utilization, environmental concerns, etc).

As the program comes together, focus will shift towards compliance and auditing; a task that means Tony will be on the road for the foreseeable future. However, as we pass the midyear point, these (and several other) ongoing improvements mean Immaculate Flight will be ready for future challenges when they happen, not after.

To read our full Commitment to Safety please click here, and keep an eye out for future updates as our revised plan begins later this year. . .

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