Flying with Amelia Earhart

June 24, 2014 | bevel wise

In the early parts of 1939, a fearless woman named Amelia Earhart stole the world’s attention in her efforts to become the first women to fly around the world. Armed with what would be considered primitive instruments by today’s standards, Earhart and her Lockheed Electra were plagued by stiff winds and mechanical problems throughout the journey. And while she ultimately fell short of her goal of accomplishing the 29,000-mile trip, her legacy and subsequent mystery still inspires awe in all aviators young and old.

Fast-forward to today, where another Amelia Earhart begins the final checks of her own around the world journey. And while our modern day Amelia shares the same namesake as the women who blazed the travel for aviation in the 1930’s; this generation’s Amelia is a spunky and passionate avgeek who’s spent the last 8 years as a television and radio reporter in the Los Angeles and Denver areas.

But don’t let her resume fool you, an accomplished pilot in her own, Amelia Rose Earhart not only possesses the knowledge to accomplish the feat, but she will also be armed with one of the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world: the Pilatus PC-12NG. Although Amelia and her PC-12 won’t be alone in the sky (she’ll have the assistance of a co-pilot), her journey is still a feat that many of us fellow avgeeks can only dream of.

That’s why everyone here at Immaculate Flight is so excited to say that we have officially become one of her partners along the way and cannot wait to hear and share her stories with you all! I can also say that it’s with a great deal of pride that our company’s logo will not only adorn her beautiful PC-12, but it too will share in the tasting of the sky and clouds along with Amelia on her journey in the coming weeks.

And while our team completed the final cleaning last night before the aircraft begins its journey, you can be sure the entire Immaculate Flight team will be behind Amelia and can’t wait to see her touchdown back home in a few weeks.

Until then, may you have tailwinds and beautiful skies Amelia!!

We hope you all take a moment to check out Amelia Rose Earhart’s story here, but also be sure to stop by the Fly with Amelia Foundation’s website as well to learn more about what Amelia and her great organization is doing for the future of women in aviation.

You can also stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for daily updates on her journey.