Free Aircraft Cleaning at NBAA 2012

October 26, 2012 | bevel wise

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Immaculate Flight has announced today that it will provide aviation customers flying into Orlando area airports during this year’s NBAA 2012 with free “Trip Ready” cleanings during their stay. Applicable airports for the promotion include: Orlando Executive Airport (ORL) and Orlando Intl Airport (MCO).

The “Trip Ready” cleaning will be open all aircraft (no matter the size) and will include the following services free of charge on October 30th– November 1st:

Interior Services:

  • An Interior Wipe-Down of All Surfaces Including Cockpit, Passenger Cabin, and Lavatory Areas.
  • Carpets Vacuumed

Exterior Surfaces:

  • Nose and Windows Cleaned
  • Leading Edges Cleaned and Debugged
  • Engine(s) Cleaned to Remove Oils
  • Tail Cone Cleaned to Remove Exhaust

Due to expected demand, customers should contact Immaculate Flight Scheduling BEFORE the event to ensure priority. FBO employees at both airports will not be scheduling aircraft, so customers seeking services including this promotion, full washes, brightwork, and or paint polishes must contact Immaculate Flight directly.

To meet the need for the projected traffic, the company will bolster staffing at both airports for the event and will remain open 24/7 to handle any requests.

In addition, a 10% off coupon for all customers on their Official Facebook Page.



The perennial event for Business Aviation brings together vendors, OEM’s, industry operators, and associated businesses into a single location once per year to conduct business, make buying decisions, and set the stage for business aviation activities for the next year. NBAA 2012 is the 65th Annual Meeting and is scheduled to be held at Orange County Convention center with static display aircraft at Showalter Flying Service on Orlando Executive Airport. Further information about the event can be found on the Official NBAA 2012 website.


Immaculate Flight, LLC is a privately owned company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan that specializes in providing mobile aircraft cleaning and detailing services for a wide array of fleet owners, fractional owners, and multiple private aircraft owners based around the world. The company, founded in 2001 is now located in 11 states and over 80 airports in the United States. For more information on Immaculate Flight, please call (888) 858-5123, visit the company’s official website or on the company’s Facebook page.


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