Immaculate Flight Now Accepting AVCARD

September 16, 2014 | bevel wise

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Immaculate Flight Now Accepting AVCARD

Grand Rapids, MI – September 16th, 2014 – Beginning today, the team at Immaculate Flight is excited to announce that the company will now begin accepting AVCARD® aviation charge card at its 80+ locations nationwide. In doing so, Immaculate will become the first aircraft cleaning and detailing company in the world to accept the payment type while simultaneously joining a long list of aviation providers accepting the card at over 7,600 locations around the globe.

Immaculate Flight’s Director of Marketing Stephen Clark explained the card’s advantage by saying, “in the past, an operator was able to use their AVCARD for nearly every aviation related transaction except for aircraft cleaning.  Unfortunately, this meant that operators would be left to either charge their cleaning to an FBO account – which can incur fees of up to 20% – or use another form of payment resulting in the need for an additional step in closing out a particular month’s charges. Now, with AVCARD, it’s entirely possible for an operator to use their AVACARD for every aviation purchase at home as well as on the road, while allowing for single point reconciliation thus saving time and reducing the likelihood of error.”

Not only will AVCARD users be allowed to use the card for all of their aircraft appearance needs with Immaculate Flight, they’ll automatically earn rewards points through the popular FlyBuys Rewards Program by simply enrolling in the program, linking their AVCARD, and making purchases. World Fuel Services’ Vice President of Card Programs, Warren Boin, indicates that by pairing FlyBuys Rewards benefits with the acceptance possibilities of AVCARD, operators can take advantage in so many ways. “Earning automatic FlyBuys Rewards points on all AVCARD purchases is just the baseline benefit. Cardholders have the opportunity to earn double FlyBuys Rewards points on purchases made worldwide at World Fuel Services Network FBOs and quadruple points on purchases made at Air Elite Network Diamond Service FBOs. Immaculate Flight will also have the capability to award bonus FlyBuys Rewards to encourage customer loyalty and use in special promotions. It really opens the door to accelerate a cardholder’s path to great reward options,” said Boin.

It’s important to note that Immaculate Flight will continue to support direct billing and all major credit cards however, AVCARD users are eligible for an additional 1,000 bonus points for aircraft cleaning charges through the remainder of the year.



Immaculate Flight, LLC. is a privately owned company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan that specializes in providing mobile aircraft cleaning and detailing services for a wide array of aircraft owners, fractional operators, and multiple MRO and FBOs based around the world. The company, founded in 2001, is now located in 13 states and over 80 airports in the United States. For more information about Immaculate Flight, please call (888) 858-5123 or visit the company’s Official Website.


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