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Caring For your Aircraft’s Leather

July 9, 2012 | bevel wise

Did you know caring for your aircraft’s leather can save you money?

Keeping aircraft seats in good condition is a challenge for anyone; but keeping leather seats looking great is about as much fun as flying in a hurricane. The constant abuse from people and variations in temperature and humidity are all factors that reduce appeal and lifetime of the material. And while you may apply layers and layers of conditioner every week, you may still find that fading occurs.

This tip will not only extend your leather seats’ life; it may even save you serious money:

Short of putting seat covers on every seat there is a simple thing you can do: CLOSE YOUR WINDOW SHADES on the ground! By closing the shades you eliminate the possibility for damaging UV Rays from entering the cabin and fading your leather seats while you’re away enjoying your destination.

In fact, this simple tip and a good habit of closing the shades while on the ground, can even save you fuel costs thanks to a reduced cabin temperatures thereby reducing the time needed to cool the aircraft using the APU!

Take for instance Cessna’s Citation Sovereign: By closing the shades and running the APU for 30 minutes less than normal, you can yield savings of up to 125 PPH  or $126*! A one aircraft operation flying 300 hours a year can save $1260 plus maintenance costs by just cutting 30 minutes of APU run time off of every flight, totaling 10 hours during the year**.

Although a lot goes into the proper care of leather, by just taking the small step of closing your window shades after every flight, not only can you save money, your leather seats will remain in great looking condition for every flight.

*Assumes 18 gallons per hour @ $7.00 per gallon Jet-A price.
** Citation Sovereign’s APU fuel burn from aircraft’s June 2008 S&D Document.

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