Stopping the Flu on Your Aircraft

January 7, 2015 | bevel wise

Flu season has officially arrived and with it are several nasty strains that have already begun wreaking havoc. While common sense still prevails in preventing the flu, (the US Government’s official flu resource) indicates that the virus will likely cost US employers nearly $7 billion dollars in lost productivity and sick days in 2015.

With that statistic, it’s easy to see why for us in aviation, stopping the flu is so important. Lost productivity (no matter how much) can have large scale ramifications including missed meetings, missed opportunities, and even the potential for diminished returns.

Thus, ensuring we provide a safe environment for our crew members and passengers alike has become more important than ever before. So what can be done to keep the flu out this winter? Let’s take a look at a few tips:

  1. Have the right tools – We’ve covered this in a past piece on interior cleaning but it’s worth a reminder that you should always ensure your cabin is stocked up with a healthy supply of sanitizing agents. From wipes to sprays there are a lot of choices, but whatever you do choose just be sure to use products that are acceptable for your aircraft and won’t harm any of its surfaces.
  2. Get into a routine – Now that your cabin is armed with the tools to eliminate flu bacteria, your next step should be increasing your post-flight wipe downs. And while in a perfect world this would include wiping down every surface in the cabin; at the very least you should focus your time and effort on sanitizing common areas such as the lavatory, galley, tray tables, and arm rests. Also, don’t forget to sanitize the cockpit areas including headset microphones that are virtual pool parties for germs (trust us on this one)… Oh and if you use a professional detailer like Immaculate Flight, be sure to discuss your concerns with them and work out a plan together.
  3. Get some protection – Now that you have your tools and routine down, you’re probably wondering what else you can do to protect passengers and crew members this flu season. While in years past our conversation would have likely ended at the above paragraph, there have been incredible advancements in the last 18 months regarding germ and bacteria protections for aircraft. The most important of these advancements was the introduction of an aviation approved Anti-Microbial Disinfectant Spray that was directly engineered to not only kill 99.9999% of germs and bacteria on EVERY surface of your aircraft’s interior, but also leave behind an invisible barrier that resists the buildup of new germs for up to one year. The best part? The Xmicrobe service is relatively inexpensive and provides peace of mind beyond traditional wipes and sprays. More information about Xmicrobe can be found by clicking here.

In the end, stopping the flu from coming onboard your aircraft doesn’t have to be complicated. Common sense, some handy tools, and even a bit of modern day molecular biology can help you provide the safest cabin environment possible while ensuring your entire operation runs at its most effective this flu season. Safe travels!