Zika Virus Update: Hong Kong Begins Disinsection Requirement

June 1, 2017 | bevel wise

Zika virus update

Although rarely featured on the nightly news anymore, the Zika Virus continues to be problematic for many countries seeking to keep the virus – and its winged hosts – out. Aircraft operators transiting area(s) with confirmed cases continue to be the most affected; however, very few countries have enacted measures beyond educational items to fight the outbreak.

In fact, as of late 2016, Italy remained one of only a few countries to maintain a strict disinsection certification requirement for inbound aircraft [information regarding Italy’s Cabin Disinsection Requirement can be found on our Blog by clicking here]; however, as reported by the National Business Aviation Association recently, Hong Kong officials have indicated they will begin a disinsection requirement for all inbound aircraft.

To help ensure operators are up to date on this new requirement, below you will find a quick briefing/cheat sheet:

Overview Hong Kong now requires that ALL aircraft arriving from Zika-Affected areas be treated with an ICAO certified disinsection product. Operators may choose to utilize either a residual or non-residual anti-virus treatment.
When is it required and how is it applied? Non-residual treatments: Before takeoff (but after the aircraft’s cabin doors are closed), at top of decent or upon arrival into Hong Kong. Using this option, operators must submit the health portion of the Aircraft’s General Declaration as well as photos showing the emptied and/or partially used cans to Hong King officials via email.

If operators intend to carry out treatments on arrival into Hong Kong, please note that crew and passengers must remain on the aircraft during the treatment. Hong Kong officials will also supervise the treatment.

Residual treatments: Can be sprayed at home base and/or in locations that provide the service if a World Health Organization-approved residual pesticide is used. Please note that application time must not exceed eight weeks from arrival, and a certificate of application must be supplied to Hong Kong officials upon request.

Disinsection Product Distributors At this current time, there are no reliable sources for the approved disinsection product within the United States; however, UK-based operators are encouraged to contact United Elite for product.

Operators may also desire to simply spray the aircraft on arrival; however, they are encouraged to arrange the service at least 72-hours in advance with the desired ground handler to ensure availability.

Note: While Immaculate Flight will make every attempt to keep this information up-to-date, it should not be considered as 100% reliable, and as such, we encourage you to reach out to trustworthy providers to ensure operations into Hong Kong (or wherever else) are handled correctly.