The executive leadership team, management and front line team members at Immaculate Flight are committed to being an industry leader in Health, Safety and Environmental practices. As a team, we believe that success in these three areas are vital to the well being of all people and are essential to the success of our business.

The following principles guide and measure our objectives in Health, Safety and Environment:

  • We shall conduct our business as to meet or exceed all laws and regulations to minimize the risk to our team members and the communities we work in.
  • We will remain committed towards continuously improving our Health, Safety and Environmental programs.
  • We will foster an environment that promotes safety on and off the job site.
  • We support open communication with our team members and community members and actively seek out guidance from industry partners and regulatory authorities.
  • We will voluntarily participate with a third-party FAA/DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing and Prevention Program.
  • We encourage reporting ALL Health, Safety and Environmental hazards and shall take each report seriously and investigate the facts while ensuring immunity for good faith reporting.

In addition:

  • We will ensure your aircraft’s static wicks and various ports are cared for at all times.
  • We will remove our shoes whenever we enter your aircraft.
  • We will always use aviation approved products and procedures.
  • We will ensure that when a job has been completed, that any trash and/or materials we’ve collected during the work process are removed from the site thus leaving your facility as clean and safe as when we arrived.