Exposed metals that are usually found on aircraft wing leading edges, engine inlets, and other surfaces that enhance the overall look of an aircraft. When polished, “brightwork” will appear mirror-like and free from any water spots, oxidation, and scratches.

Carpet Extraction

A carpet cleaning and rejuvenation service that utilizes a professional carpet steam cleaner to remove built-up oils, dirt, as well as remove spots from spills and or accidents. When complete, 98% of the water used in the process is extracted thus leaving the carpet (and the all-important) fire-backing dry and ready for service.

Dry Wash

An exterior aircraft cleaning service that utilizes aviation approved chemicals to wash all hard surfaces, landing gear areas, and windows. Since the service does not utilize water, it’s a superior replacement in locations that have no wash-pits or strict EPA requirements that restrict the usage of water. In addition, there is no runoff as with traditional “wet” washes, this service means no chemicals, oils, or hazards can enter local drainage ditches; thus a Dry Wash can be considered environmentally friendly!


The National Business Aviation Association promotes the aviation interests of organizations that choose to utilize aircraft for business purposes in the United States and worldwide. Throughout the year, the organization holds multiple events throughout the world that allows all aviation professionals the ability to further their education on current topics as well as network with major suppliers, vendors, and organizations in the industry.

Paint Sealant

A micro-adhesion product applied directly to an aircraft’s exterior surface that’s designed to reduce drag, decrease fuel burn, and improve the overall appearance of the aircraft’s paint. The product must be applied after all oxidation, water spots, etc are removed from the surface for best results. Done annually, sealants can protect painted surfaces much in the same way “clear coats” do; the end result is a protected surface that extends an aircraft’s paint useful life.

Steam Cleaning (Carpet)

See Carpet Extraction

Wet Wash

An exterior aircraft cleaning service that utilizes existing water facilities (wash-pits) to remove built-up dirt and oils that have adhered to the aircraft’s surfaces. The service also utilizes aviation approved soaps that do not leave water spots after drying, thus leaving the exterior looking smooth and clean. Compared to a Dry Wash, this service can only be accomplished in airports that have existing EPA approved wash-pits available and may not be available in all areas of the U.S.

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