The team at Immaculate Flight is deeply dedicated to advancing the aviation industry. Through our unwavering commitment, we actively invest in the future of aviation both locally and globally, ensuring its sustained growth and accessibility for generations to come. It’s this passion that leads us to become the first aircraft cleaning and detailing company in the world to join the prestigious National Business Aviation Association Leadership Council where our voices joined the largest and most powerful aviation leaders.

Local Community Investments

I Hart Flying Scholarship

The I Hart Flying Foundation sponsors flight opportunities for women and youth, offering scholarships for women pursuing aviation careers. We’re excited to partner with an organization with such a great mission.

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In 2024, MBAA hosted its 9th Annual Women’s Aviation Career Symposium, exclusively for women of all ages to explore aviation careers. The WACS has awarded $81,500 to 43 women since 2018 for aviation education and professional development. Immaculate Flight proudly sponsors this event and seeks similar opportunities.

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Leaders of Tomorrow

This event celebrates WMAA students’ achievements and raises funds for essential programs. It’s a primary fundraising opportunity for the Foundation, with 100% of the proceeds directly benefiting student experiences. As proud sponsors, we are dedicated to supporting WMAA students’ achievements and ensuring their access to valuable programs.

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National Industry Involvements

Investing in Our Team

Relentless in Our Pursuit Towards Investing in People

We are steadfast in our commitment to investing in our personnel, emphasizing ongoing development for all to excel in their roles. Our dedication encompasses career advancement providing educational pathways tailored to each role in order to empower all individuals with essential skills. Additionally, we cultivate a culture of internal growth, acknowledging and fostering talent from within our organization.

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